Watts Bar Results

Record Turnout for LDA Bass Challenge at Watts Bar Lake


April 9th, 2021

Kingston, Tennessee

The TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail held its annual East Tennessee event on the banks of Watts Bar Lake from Ladd Landing in Kingston. LDA Engineering served at “First Cast” Title Sponsor and saw a record turnout of 32 Teams. Kirk Smith who serves as Tournament Director said, "this is a great day for the TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail as members from East and Middle Tennessee have shown the support for what we are trying to accomplish. We are building something special and we will continue to 'momentum shift up' in our efforts to provide the TAUD Membership with the only multi-event bass tournament program in Rural Water Associations." 


Fog Bank Delays the start of the LDA Engineering Bass Challenge

The pre-tournament meeting took place at 6:30 a.m. with the blastoff scheduled for 7:13 a.m. or safe light. On the break of sunrise and with all teams ready to crank up the big motors, an unexpected fog rolled in where the Clinch and Emory Rivers meet. The fog bank would delay the start of the tournament until officials could see the other side of the river from Ladd Landing. Bryant Bradley of Consolidated U.D. and Director of All City Bass Anglers in Middle Tennessee states that "we take the safety of each tournament blastoff very seriously and do not want to put our folks in danger due to weather related issues." As the sun began to burn off the fog and visibility improved, the start of the tournament began around 8:00 a.m. A scheduled slow-release blastoff is used in TAUD Tournaments by design to give each boat clean water to take-off. 


Nineteen of the Thirty-Two Teams bring in Large & Smallmouth Bass 

This tournament saw a total of 61 bass brought to the scales weighing in at a total of: 158.64 lbs. The average weight per fish was: 2.60 lbs. 


History making tournament! Tie for 3rd Place prompts additional payout 

For the first time in the history of the TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail, a tie score between the teams from South Blount County Utility District and Harriman Utility Board was brought to the attention of tournament officials at the conclusion of the weigh-in.  The TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail Committee sincerely apologizes to Heath Lewis and Luther Manning of Harriman Utility Board for the oversight in scoring. 


HOW THEY FINISHED:                                                                                                   PRIZE MONEY:

1st Place: John Carroll/Jesse Burnett, Hallsdale Powell U.D.                                               $ 1,345.00

2nd Place: Wes McCloud/Mike Edwards, ORNL                                                                   $ 694.00

3rd Place: Jamie Lawson/Michael Fickey, South Blount County U.D.                                 $ 446.00

3rd Place: Heath Lewis/Luther Manning, Harriman Utility Board                                         $ 446.00

4th Place: Rodney Richardson/Dwayne Hughes: Southern Sales Inc.                                $ 297.00

5th Place: Bryant Bradley/Paul Crabtree: Consolidated U.D.                                               $ 188.00



1st Place: John Carroll/Jesse Burnett, Hallsdale Powell U.D.                                                $ 200.00

2nd Place: Wes McCloud/Mike Edwards, ORNL                                                                    $ 130.00

1st Place
John Carroll and Jesse Burnett
Hallsdale Powell U.D.
2nd Place
Wes McCloud and Mike Edwards
3rd Place
Jamie Lawson and Michael Fickey
South Blount County U.D.
3rd Place
Heath Lewis and Luther Manning
Harriman Utility Board
4th Place
Rodney Richardson and 
Dwayne Hughes
Southern Sales Inc.
5th Place
Bryant Bradley and Paul Crabtree
Consolidated U.D.