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Bryant Bradley - Consolidated Utility District

Sponsorships, Committee on Rules & Regulations


Travis Callis - Southern Sales Inc.

Sponsorships, Committee on Rules & Regulations 


Dewayne Culpepper - Tennessee Assoc. of Utility Districts

Official Weigh-Master

Jason Fryer - Tennessee 811

Sponsorships, Committee on Rules & Regulations, Boat Inspections


J.W. Griffin - Tennessee Association of Utility Districts

M.C. of Blastoffs, Boat Inspections, Committee on Rules & Regulations 


Brian Hazelet-Tennessee Association of Utility Districts 

Media Relations, Sponsorships, On-Site Assistance 

Ashley Pealer-Richards - Wauford Engineering 

Sponsorships, Tournament Records, On-Site Assistance 

Kirk Smith - Tennessee Assoc. of Utility Districts 

Tournament Director 


Teresa Swystun - DBR Belzona

Sponsorships, On-Site Assistance 

Casey York, Cumberland Ins. Agency (Transamerica) 

Sponsorships, On-Site Assistance, Goodie Bags 



_______________________________________________________________________               TAUD SUPPORT STAFF        

Greg Baker

Email Blast Information/Registration TAUD Website 

Beth Hardiman

Registration, Social Media Director 

Carol Mims




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