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Official Rules and Regulations for the TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail:


Rules: The following rules and regulations for the TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail are as follows:  First: All rules and regulations as stated will be interpreted by the Tournament Director with assistance from the “Rules and Regulations” Committee Members to enforce all regulations. The Tournament Director “reserves the right” to reject any entry form information if he or she finds it is not in the best interest of participation. All online entry forms must be completed in full to be eligible to compete in the tournament. All onsite entry forms must be completed in full and signed by both team anglers. 

Tournament Waiver will be signed by all participants/anglers prior to each blastoff. We ask that you carefully read the Releases of Liability Form before signing. Any team who fails to turn in the Release of Liability Form (Tournament Waiver) will be automatically disqualified from competition and jeopardizes their opportunity to compete in future TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail events. 


It’s the Anglers accountability to make sure each person signs the Release of Liability Tournament Wavier! 


Safety and Blastoff Procedures: 


Like many outdoor sports activities, fishing tournaments are at the mercy of the weather conditions. Should weather issues arise prior to blastoff, the Tournament Director along with the Committee Members on Rules & Regulations reserve the right to delay or hold the start of an event out of the best interest and safety for all participants and staff. 

Staggered Slow-Release Blastoff: Many participants competing in the TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail are not traditional Tournament Anglers. This means, we have participants who desire to support the Association and have fun in a competitive environment. The TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail Committee Members want to make sure we release the boats and give each team clean waters to start. We do this by allowing each boat to proceed to full throttle, get on plane and then call the next boat number. We ask all participants to be mindful of this procedure and patient with the blastoff policy. All tournament Blastoff Order is based on registration time stamp by funds received in the offices of TAUD.  The TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail Committee Members are concerned about safety for all participants and our goal is: To have each team return to the weigh-in area safely and return home to family. ITS OUR PRIORITY! 




  1. Early withdrawal from the Tournament:  In the case of a breakdown in equipment while fishing or a need to leave the tournament earlier than the scheduled weigh-in time, please notify the Tournament Director or an on-site Committee Member. Please return your Tournament Boat Number Chip to the Registration Area or place it in the Blue Bucket located on the finger of the dock. A good practice: contact the Tournament Director by cell phone to notify he or she of your plans to exit the tournament early. 

  2. Who is eligible to fish TAUD Tournaments? A team will consist of (1) or (2) TAUD Members. Members must be employed under the following criteria: A Utility District, a Utility Commissioner/Board Member, a Water Association, a Municipality (all departments), a retired Utility employee, any employee or an Associate Member in good standing. Elected Officials and Administration from County, City, Federal and State Departments directly related to the Water & Wastewater Industry in Tennessee. All employees from the following agencies: Special Development Districts, Rural Development, TN811, TDEC and TN Comptroller’s Office. 

  3. Special Guest: The TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail welcomes our special guest to fish with us under the following guidelines: A guest cannot be a full-time Bass Angler who source of income is based on tournament winnings! A guest cannot serve as a full-time or part-time guide on any of the competition lakes the TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail has on its schedule. In other words, NO PROS, NO GUIDES! The TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail Director reserves the right to remove any participant who misrepresents themselves or misleads the Tournament Committee in any way. 

  4. Entry Fees: All Tournament entry fees are predetermined prior to the start of each season as illustrated on the Official Registration form. There are two forms in which to register: on-line and on-site. Best practice is on-line. Best convenience is on-site. On-Site Fees are “CASH ONLY”! All entry fees are determined and applied to each tournament selected on Registration Form. We do not offer a pay it forward format in the event of a missed tournament. 

  5. Live Well Inspections: All live wells and coolers will be checked prior to launch by a TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail Official. Please have all lids open for inspection. Upon clearance of all live wells and coolers being checked, a piece of survey tape will be tied to the trolling motor shaft indicating inspection has been performed. You may remove the survey tape after blastoff. 

  6. Boats & Motors: The following are acceptable platforms to fish from: Jon Boat, Canoe, Kayak, traditional Bass Boats (aluminum or fiberglass) fish & ski boats, multi-species boat, center console boat, runabouts and pontoons boats. If it floats, you can fish with us. 

  7. Tackle and Equipment: Only artificial lures and pork trailers are allowed. Rod and Reel fishing only. Anglers must use only (1) rod at a time and trolling is not permitted. 

  8. Locations: Competition Lakes Only… Boats cannot lock through dams unless instructed by Tournament Director. 

  9. Pre-Fishing Competition Waters: TAUD Members may fish the competition body of water for (1) day prior to the scheduled Tournament. 

  10. Personal Floatation Device (PFD’s): The TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail in partnership with the TWRA’s “Wear It Tennessee” program encourages each participant to abide by the law. Boat practices and the importance of a PFD are priority. All Angler’s must have a PFD and wear it during operation of any boat while under power. 

  11. Bass Tournament Tote Bags: Each Team shall own or have (1) tournament tote bag onboard. In the event of a damaged tote bag, TAUD will provide a loaner to bring fish to and from the scales. 

  12. Sportsmanship & Safety: Safe fishing and safe boating practices are expected and should be always observed. As stated earlier, life jackets (PFD’s) and all outboard kill switches must be in proper working order. No Alcohol or Controlled Substance can be used or allowed in the boat during tournament hours. 

  13. Pre-Tournament Meeting: Approximately 30 minutes prior to each blastoff, the TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail Director will conduct an overview of the tournament meeting. This meeting requires (1) member from each team to attend. Format of Rules and Regulations, Q & A, and general information and acknowledgement of tournament sponsors and support will be given. This is your time to ask, do not hesitate. The meeting with end with the “Blessing of the Fleet” and National Anthem. 


Scoring the Fish, Tiebreakers, Penalties and Payouts: 


  1. How we score the fish: The TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail uses the “Golden Rule” devise to measure the length of each bass deemed close in legal limit. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass are measured and weighed. All TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail events adhere to all TWRA Rules & Regulations per lake. Check TWRA for official length limits on the body of water to fish. (We suggest the use of the TWRA On the Go App) on your mobile devise. 

  2. All Dead Fish: Any dead fish brought to the scales to weigh-in will incur (half pound) penalty off the total weight. 

  3. Late Penalty: A late penalty of (1) pound per minute after the designated weigh-in time. Disqualification after (15) minutes past designated weigh-in time. 

  4. Tiebreaker: In the event (2) teams weigh-in and have the exact same amount in total weight, the tiebreaker will go to the team with the largest bass. The big bass will serve as the tiebreaker. 

  5. Big Bass Contest: Every team is entered into the Big Bass Contest. The TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail Committee takes $10.00 from each registration fee and applies it to the Big Bass Contest. We use the formula of a 60/40 split and award a 1st Place and 2nd Place in this contest. No need to supply additional funds to the contest, its automatic. In the event of a tie for 1st Place or 2nd Place Big Bass, the funds will be split into a 50/50 winnings. 

  6. Flow of Funds and Payouts: All TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail events are deemed 100% Payback on Registration Fees. Our formula is based on boats registered to fish as to how we payout winnings and how many places are paid. Our target amount is: 25 boats pays back 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th places finishes. 

  7. Awarding of Prize Money: During the conclusion of the weigh-in ceremonies, we ask all top place finishing teams to allow us to make a pictures/videos for TAUD publications and Social Media Platforms with a member from the First Cast Title Sponsor. 


Videos & Photos: Throughout the Tournament Day, pictures and short videos will be made to illustrate how the tournament is performing. These videos and pictures are the sole property of the TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail and may not be reproduced or distributed in whole or in part without written consent of the TAUD Bass Tournament Team Trail. You may request this media information by contacting the Tournament Director. 

These terms and conditions supersede any prior rules & regulations. Updated: 1-21-22.

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