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Rules: The following rules and regulations for the TAUD Tournament Trail will be interpreted by the Tournament Director with assistance from the Rules Committee enforcement on all regulations. The Tournament Director reserves the right to reject any entry if he finds it is not in the best interest of participation.  All entry forms must be completely filled out and signed by Both Team Members.  Tournament Wavier will be signed by all participants/anglers prior to each blastoff. Please read carefully the Release of Liability Form before signing. Any Team who fails to turn in the Release of Liability Form will be automatically disqualified from competition, and jeopardizes their opportunity to compete in future TAUD Tournament Trail events. If a Team (both anglers) do not sign the official TAUD Tournament Trail Waiver, that team will forfeit all of its Registration Fees and will not be allowed to compete in the Tournament.


Like many outdoor sports activities, fishing tournaments are at the mercy of the weather conditions.  Should weather issues arise prior to blastoff, the Tournament Director along with the Committee Members on Rules & Regulations reserve the right to hold the start of an event out of the best interest and safety for all participants and staff.  The TAUD Tournament Trail is concerned about safety for each event. Our goal is to have each participant return to the scales safely and back home to family. It’s our Priority!


Early withdrawal from the event: In case of a breakdown in equipment while fishing or a need to leave the event earlier than the scheduled weigh-in time, please notify the Tournament Director or a Committee Member at the launch site and return the Tournament Chip. Failure to complete this task could risk opportunity to fish in other TAUD Tournaments. 


  1. Eligibility: A Team will consist of (1) or (2) TAUD Members. Members must be employed under the following criteria:  a Utility District, a Utility Commissioner/Board Member, a Water Association, a Municipality (all departments), Water Plant, Wastewater Plant, a retired Utility employee, any employee of an Associate Member in good standing. Elected Officials from County, City, Federal and State Departments directly related to the Water & Wastewater Industry in Tennessee. Any employees from the following agencies are eligible: Rural Development, Special Development Districts, TN811, TDEC and the Comptroller’s Office.

Special Guest: We welcome Special Guest under the following guidelines. A Guest cannot be affiliated with any National Bass Tournament Circuit or serve as a Professional Guide on any of the competition waters listed on the Tournament Trail. Any Angler/Guest who relies on tournament winnings as a primary source of income is ineligible to compete in the TAUD Tournament Trail events. (As stated above, the Tournament Director reserves the right to remove any participant who misrepresents themselves or misleads the Tournament Committee in any way).

  1. Entry Fees: All Tournament entry fees are predetermined prior to the start of each season as illustrated on the Official Registration form. (Please see entry from for complete details). You may register on-line or you can mail your entry fee to the offices of TAUD in Murfreesboro. Register online at: Go to the registration tab and this will link you to the TAUD.ORG website for safe and secure registration.  

  2. On-Site Registration: Cost to register the day of the tournament on-site is: $100.00 (CASH ONLY). No Checks or Credit Cards.

  3. Blastoff Format: Order of Blastoff is determined by registration fees received in the offices of TAUD. Funds may be received either by on-line registration or by USPS. All fees received either by credit card, check or cash are final. The TAUD Tournament Trail offers no pay forward program. If you pay for a tournament and then pull out, your fees cannot be directed into another event. Each Tournament is considered a “Stand Alone Tournament”. Paybacks are pre-determined based on registrations fees collected prior to the start of illustrated event.

  4. Big Fish Payout: The “Big Fish Pot” is included in the registration fee for each tournament event. This money will be divided 60/40 between the 1st and 2nd place. Only one big fish prize will be awarded per boat. In case of a tie, the pot will be split 50/50. Anglers may contribute additional funds for the contest if they wish too.

  5. Payback & Tournament Flow of Funds: The Tournament Trail is deemed a 100% return of registration fees in the form of cash payouts.  A $10.00 deduction from all registration fees goes directly into the “Big Fish Pot” of cash, returned to the anglers who win that contest. All winnings are strictly based on participation.

  6. Pre-Tournament Check In: Approximately 30 minutes prior to blastoff, the Tournament Trail Director will conduct a tournament meeting. This will include any updates on rules and regulations as pertaining to the scheduled event, a blessing of the fleet prayer and our Nation Anthem. It is mandatory that (1) member from each team attends this meeting.

  7. Scoring the Fish: The TAUD Tournament Trail Committee has established the “Golden Rule” as the official measuring device for all Tournament events. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass will be measured. All total limits and length requirements per the Tennessee Wildlife and Resources Agency (TWRA) will be enforced. (See TWRA website for complete details and information).

  8. Dead Fish: Any dead fish will result in a (1/2) pound penalty off the total weight.

  9. Late Penalty: A late penalty of (1) pound per minute late. Disqualification after (15) minutes of assigned weigh-in time cutoff.

  10. Protest Provisions: All protest must be submitted in writing to the TAUD Tournament Director within (15) minutes of the weigh-in completion. The appointed Tournament Advisory Board will handle all protest.

  11. Ties in Total Weight: Any ties in total weight that are eligible for payouts will be paid out as follows: The payout money for the place that is tied for will combined with the next payout place and divided 50/50 between the two teams. Example: if there is a tie for 1st Place, the money for 1st and 2nd Place will be combined and divided 50/50. The next total weight down will receive 3rd Place payout.


  1. Boats & Motors: The following are acceptable platforms to fish from: Jon Boat, Canoe, Kayak, traditional bass boats (aluminum and fiberglass), fish & skis, runabouts, pontoon boats.

  2. Live Well Inspections: All live wells and coolers will be checked prior to launch. Please have lids open for inspection by Tournament Officials. A piece of survey tape will be tied to the trolling motor shaft indicating live wells have been checked and cleared.

  3. Tackle and Equipment: Only artificial lures and pork trailers are allowed. Rod and Reel fishing only. Angler must use only (1) rod at a time. Trolling is not permitted.

  4. Locations: Competition Lakes only. Boats cannot lock through dams.

  5. Personal Flotation Device (PFD’s): The TAUD Tournament Trail has partnered with the State of Tennessee campaign for the Wear It Tennessee program. This program promotes safe boating practices and the importance of a PFD. Watch for the Wear It Tennessee program at select tournaments in 2018. All anglers must have PFD’s on under power.

  6. Tote Bags: All participants must have their own tote bags. However, the TAUD Tournament Trail Officials will offer the use of a tote bag in the event yours is damaged or left behind. Check with Tournament Officials for availability.

  7. Sportsmanship and Safety: Safe fishing and safe boating practices are expected during tournament hours.  Life Jackets and the outboard kill switch must be used anytime the boats motor is running at above idle. NO ALCOHOL or CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE can be used or allowed in the boat during tournament hours.

  8. Drones, Cameras, Video and Pictures: Some events will feature media coverage for the purpose of marketing the TAUD Tournament Trail and future events. Please be mindful and respectful of conduct involving pictures and videos. All videos and camera images are exclusive property of the TAUD Tournament Trail and may not be reproduced in whole or in part without the expressed written consent of the TAUD Tournament Trail and its Officials.  

  9. Retirees: All former Members of a TAUD Utility, Distribution Systems or Associate Member (employee) may participate in the TAUD Tournament Trail under a reduced entry fee to be determined by the Tournament Committee and posted on the official registration form. To qualify, a person or persons must be of age (65) and not be actively engaged in the business operations as a full time employee past the designated age.

  10. Winnings and Door Prizes: To receive any cash prize winnings from scheduled tournaments, participants must be present at weigh-in proceedings. Same procedure applies to all door prizes as well. Awards and Door Prizes cannot be accepted by any other person or persons except the actual person or winner.





Rules Interpretation: Interpretation of these rules will be left to the Tournament Director. Infractions of any rule may result in disqualification of the catch. All decision are final and may be disputed following the close of a scheduled event and not during the weigh-in ceremonies. A team may dispute a rule with the Tournament Director and the Tournament Committee Members assigned to the Rules & Regulations board.



Additional Rules & Regulations for the Big Bass Challenge, see 'Big Bass Itinerary' for complete details.


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