The TAUD Tournament Trail is unlike any other typical fishing tournament program. We are the Water & Wastewater Industry in Tennessee. Our members are made up of Utility Districts, Municipal Water Departments, Water Authorities, Property Owner Associations, Utility Boards, Utility Commissions, Water Associations and Associate Members (suppliers). This combination brings in over 460 statewide water & wastewater professionals in Tennessee.



The Tennessee Association of Utility Districts stands alone in offering this unique opportunity for its members to assemble and network or fish with a buddy all while enjoying one of Tennessee’s Legendary Lakes.

In the beginning:

The vision of getting more members involved in TAUD events was the original purpose of hosting a bass fishing tournament back in 2010. Launched from the idea of surveying its membership to gauge interest, a very strong response was received. This prompted TAUD to set the wheels in motion of organizing a committee to get a fishing tournament ready by May of 2011.

Inaugural Tournament, partners with the Annual Operator Expo Conference:

With a fleet of 43 boats and borrowed weigh-in scales, not to mention plucking some ideas from other tournament organizations, plus assembling some shaky rules and regulations, the TAUD Operator Expo Bass Tournament was born.
This annual single event tournament which ran in conjunction with Operator Expo enjoyed four years of good success with the later 2 years promoting the Tennessee Utility Education Corporation Scholarship Program.  Partnering with the TUEC Scholarship Program gave the Bass Tournament credibility and helped grow the event prompting a serious look at expanding to multiple lakes across Tennessee.

Expansion, Growth, New Name:

In the fall of 2014, a re-branding of the fishing event and the opportunity to take the show on the road and run multiple tournament stops would create the TAUD Tournament Trail. This would allow members in each Grand Region of the State to have the opportunity to fish with TAUD. The tournament committee would also expand as more volunteers were needed to run multiple tournaments. The tournament committee chooses to focus on 4 to 5 events annually.

Logistics, Challenges and selection of Lakes and Dates:

With more tournaments now on the schedule, committee members had to identify the impoundments of water we could fish while working around other tournaments from local fishing clubs and national bass fishing circuits. In the early days, our tournaments were set up to fish on Saturdays, however just after two seasons in the tournament trail format; the decision was made to run our tournaments on Fridays. Shifting tournaments to Friday’s, anglers and staff were no longer faced with being out of town on the weekends and that was a huge advantage. Running the tournaments on Friday keeps us away from the congestion associated with clubs and tournament circuits and frees up launch sites for us to use.


With the new format and running multiple tournaments, the Tournament Committee made a few adjustments in our rules and regulations and committed to using the Member/Guest platform to showcase the water and wastewater industry in Tennessee.

Established Foundation, future looks bright for Tournament Trail:

With the support of an incredible group of Associate Members and a dedicated staff of committee volunteers, look for the TAUD Tournament Trail to continue its success as we move forward in keeping TAUD the finest Water & Wastewater Association in America.

Now, join us on some of Tennessee Legendary Lakes as we invite our members to fish and enjoy a day on the water with a business associate or good ole fishing buddy.

We will see you at the Launch Sites...GO FISH!



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